Outboard Servicing, Repairs and Sales in Southampton

Trading for over 50 years in the marine industry, our expert team specialises in all aspects of marine engines. We offer high quality, outboard servicing and repairs at our service centre at Ocean Quay, Southampton and across the city.

Our fully mobile outboard service and repair service can be delivered onsite wherever your outboard motor is stored, whether that is at dry stack berthing or marina facilities in Southampton.

Some of the locations we frequently visit to carry out outboard motor repairs and servicing include:

  • Outboard servicing and repairs at Southampton Dry Stack, Drivers Wharf, Southampton
  • Outboard servicing and repairs at Saxon Wharf Dry Stack, Saxon Wharf Marina, Southampton
  • Outboard servicing and repairs at Ocean Village Marina, Southampton
  • Outboard servicing and repairs at Shamrock Quay Marina, Southampton
  • Outboard servicing and repairs at Quayside Marina, Southampton
  • Outboard servicing and repairs at Ocean Quay Marina, Southampton
  • Outboard servicing and repairs at Kemps Quay Marina, Southampton

Outboard Servicing in Southampton

It is important to ensure that your outboard motor is properly and fully serviced. We will maintain the reliability, performance, and safety of your outboard motor in Southampton and the surrounding areas, and offer the following outboard engine services:

  • Mercury outboard servicing in Southampton
  • Yamaha outboard servicing in Southampton
  • Suzuki outboard servicing in Southampton
  • Axopar servicing in Southampton

Outboard Repairs in Southampton

With a large workshop just a few miles from Southampton, MB Marine is ideally located to repair your outboard motor. Easily accessible from Southampton, we can provide diagnostics and repairs using genuine approved Yamaha, Suzuki and Mercury Marine parts. We offer:

  • Mercury outboard repairs in Southampton
  • Yamaha outboard repairs in Southampton
  • Suzuki outboard repairs in Southampton

Outboard Spare Parts in Southampton

We carry thousands of spare parts and accessories in stock at our outboard service centre near Hamble. As an approved Yamaha, Mercury, and Suzuki dealer, we only supply genuine Mercury, Suzuki, and Yamaha parts. We supply:

  • Mercury outboard spare parts in Southampton
  • Yamaha outboard spare parts in Southampton
  • Suzuki outboard spare parts in Southampton

Outboard Winterising in Southampton

MB Marine can prepare your outboard engine for winter, with our winterising services. If you are looking to winterise your boat, we offer:

  • Mercury outboard winterising in Southampton
  • Yamaha outboard winterising in Southampton
  • Suzuki outboard winterising in Southampton

Sales of Outboards in Southampton

MB Marine is an authorised outboard dealer and can provide the following range of outboards:

  • Mercury outboards in Southampton
  • Yamaha outboards in Southampton
  • Suzuki outboards in Southampton

Rigging Services in Southampton

We also offer a wide range of rigging services for boat owners in Southampton. Our highly skilled, fully mobile rigging team provides the following:

  • Boat Engine Fitting in Southampton
  • Boat Controls and Steering in Southampton
  • Boat Navigation Equipment and Lighting in Southampton
  • Boat Battery Installation and 12v Switch Panels in Southampton
  • Boat Stereo Installation in Southampton
  • Boat Deck Lighting in Southampton