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Outboard Servicing & Rigging Specialists

  • Factory trained engineers
  • Same day servicing
  • Mobile service available
  • Fully insured
  • Full diagnostic equipment
  • Warranty work
  • Insurance quotes and work
  • Engine and gearbox rebuilds
  • Genuine parts used
  • 100hp & higher specialists
  • Commercial and private users welcome

Service Schedule

Item Work done 1st 20hr service Annual service Start/end season check Mid-season check
Anodes Check/replace (if required) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Battery and terminals Check Yes Yes Yes Yes
Carburettor Check/adjust Yes Yes Yes Yes
Choke system Check/adjust Yes
Compression Check Yes
Cooling system (incl thermostat and impeller) Check/replace (if required) Yes Yes
Cylinder head Check/tighten bolts Yes Yes
De-coke engine Clean engine/internal (if required) Yes
Diagnostics Run (if model applicable) Yes Yes
Engine electrics eg bilge, lights Check Yes Yes Yes Yes
Engine oil and oil leaks Check/top up/replace/repair Yes Yes Yes Yes
Engine Test run (after service/check) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exhaust system Check Yes Yes
Fuel filter - high pressure Check/replace (if required) Yes
Fuel filter - low pressure Check/replace (if required) Yes
Fuel line Check/replace (if required) Yes
Fuel pump diaphrams Check/replace (if required) Yes
Fuel system Check/flush (not tank) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gauges Check Yes Yes
Gear oil Replace Yes Yes
Grease points As required Yes Yes
Idle speed Check/adjust Yes Yes
Ignition timing Check/adjust Yes Yes
Kill cord Test Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nuts and bolts Check/re-tighten Yes Yes
Oil filter Replace Yes Yes
Oil injection Check/adjust Yes Yes
Power trim/tilt Check Yes Yes
Propeller Remove/grease/replace Yes
Rectifier/charging System Check Yes Yes
Remote control box Check Yes Yes
Reverse locks Check Yes Yes
Spark plugs Replace Yes Yes
Steering system Check/adjust/bleed Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stop circuit Check Yes Yes
Thermostat Check/replace (if required) Yes
Throttle butterflies Synchronise/balance Yes Yes
Throttle linkage Check/adjust Yes Yes
Timing belt Check Yes Yes
Valves/tappets Adjust Yes Yes
Warning systems Check Yes Yes
Water pump impeller/water leaks Check/replace (if required) Yes Yes Yes
Water trap filter Check/replace (if required) Yes Yes
Wiring connections Check Yes Yes

Note: Winter service and winterise – same as annual service with fuel system drained and engine inhibited (not for use)
Start, mid and end of season checks recommended for outboards in constant use throughout season / year.