Advice and tips

What are the service intervals for my outboard?

Depending on the manufacturer of your outboard, you will need an initial first service (new outboards only) at 10 or 20 hours. After that, your outboard requires a service every year, or 100 hours, whichever you reach first.

We also offer a schedule of start / mid / end of season outboard checks, outboard winterisation and de-winterisation, to compliment the recommended schedule of servicing, depending on your usage. Please do just contact us for more information.

Please see 'What is Done in a Service' for more information on what is carried out at each service.

Why should I have my outboard serviced?

If you have bought a new outboard, the answer to this is simple, your manufacturer’s warranty may become invalid if you do not service your outboard as per their recommendations.

For all outboards, new or old, it is recommended you have them serviced at least once a year for the following reasons:

  • To check and / or replace all of the main service items
  • To lubricate all external points to try and prevent corrosion
  • To ensure the harsh salt water environment won’t cause any damage
  • To make sure your outboard is running as it should be for your safety

Prevention is always better (and cheaper!) than cure – particularly so with outboards.

I have a Suzuki outboard - the oil light is flashing with an alarm. Why?

Suzuki engines have an oil change reminder system built into each outboard to help remind you when your next service is due. This is set to go off at 20 hours and then every 100 hours.

If you have your outboard serviced prior to the reminder light and alarm going off, and it then goes off at the set intervals after the service has taken place, there is a way of turning the reminder off. We are more than happy to advise our regular customers on how to turn this reminder off, please do just contact us.

I have a warning alarm sounding. Why?

In most cases, the gauges will be telling you why you have a warning alarm sounding. If it is a major fault, the engine’s ECU will reduce the revs of your engine or will shut it down to ‘get home mode’.

More often than not, overheating is the main reason for a warning alarm. In these cases, the best thing to do is check the water intakes on the gearbox for any blockages. Seaweed and plastic bags are the most common things found blocking them.

If you have any warning alarms and require assistance, please do just contact us. We can arrange for your outboard to undergo fault finding diagnosis.

There is no water coming out of my outboard’s tell tale. Why?

In nine times out of ten, the tell tale will simply be blocked with a build up of sea salt or seaweed. The best thing to do is to take the end of a paper clip or thin piece of wire, and use this to push up the tell tale to free the blockage.

I want to upgrade my engine to a new, bigger model. Can you help?

Yes, we can. We can offer new Honda, Mercury and Suzuki outboards to upgrade your current engine. In some cases, we may be able to offer a part exchange for your current outboard (model and condition dependant). We also offer fantastic discount deals on new outboards when you commit to having your outboard replacement rigging carried out by us.

I have a race boat with outboards and require race maintenance. Can you help?

Yes, we can. We have extensive experience of the rigging and maintenance of:

  • Mercury 300hp XS race engines within the Round Britain Race, Cowes – Torquay race and the BIBOA Lymington Challenge
  • Honda race engines within the Honda Formula Four Stroke race series

Please ‘Contact us’ for more information.