Suzuki Outboard Price Increase - Due on 1st May 2014

It is that time of year again where the outboard manufacturer's go to increase their prices. It is the turn of Suzuki, and their price increase will happen on the 1st May 2014, with the Suzuki DF6 short shaft going from a RRP of £1075 to £1170, and the DF8hp short shaft going from £2000 to £2080.

Want to beat the price increase? Then take a look at our great prices on our current stock of DF6, DF8 and DF9.9hp. Our prices will only hold on current stock, and until 1st May. All of these engine and prices are available on our Ebay store, in the Suzuki outbaord engine section. Click on the Ebay link in the bottom right hand corner of any page of our website, and it will take you straight through to our Ebay store.

Drop us a line if you want any more information, happy to help where we can. Thanks.