Back at it again and SO ARE THE SCAMMERS!!

Well, we are back at it again - workshop is open again after the Christmas and New Year break, and the boys are busy back on the boats. Fit out has started on a brand new Stingher 800GT, and the boys are getting the electrics fitted out as I type.
Not so good news is that the SCAMMERS ARE BACK AT IT AGAIN!! If you don't know the history, there is an online OUTBOARD SCAM going on by a group of people, or person, who is using our company details fraudulently and without our consent. It goes like this..........They show a wide range of outboards for sale online at silly prices - so far it has been classified websites in Africa and the Far East, and also You are hooked in by the silly prices, the amazing range of nearly new outboards, and the readily available stock. You send an email to them to enquire. They email you back, most probably with a pro forma invoice, with our company details on it. You think 'wow, looks professional, good prices, lets go for it'. They provide details of a UK bank account for you to pay into it. You pay. You wait. You wait some more. You contact them. And would you believe it? You can't get hold of them and you receive NO OUTBOARDS!
PLEASE don't get hooked in by this scam. WE ONLY SELL OUTBOARDS via our Ebay store, or by word of mouth to existing customers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!
On a brighter note - happy new year everyone, hope you have a great 2014!!
Laura, Mark, Craig and Chief Engineer Patch. xxx