'ATTACH YOUR KILL CORD' Stickers Now Available

We are delighted to announce that we are supporting the Powerboat and RIB Magazine's 'Attach Your Kill Cord campaign, which is all about enouraging ALL boat users to USE THEIR KILL CORD ALL OF THE TIME. This campaign is supported by FREE waterproof stickers, for use on the console of your boat, reminding you to 'Test Kill Cord / Attach Around Leg' whenever you are in the boat.

These stickers are available free from Powerboat and RIB Magazine (http://www.powerboatandrib.com/) and WE ALSO HAVE A STOCK OF THEM. If you would like one, drop us a line via our 'Contact Us' page, which your name, address and contact details, and we will pop one in the post to you. If you require a bulk load, then please contact Powerboat and RIB magazine directly, as they are more than happy to supply you with any amount you need.

Please, please, please, PLEASE remember to always use your kill cord whenever you are in the boat. For the sake of £10 and a little effort, isn't it worth it to avoid a nasty accident.