New name for our little scammer!!!

Have you been tempted by cheap outboards on for sale from someone called KEI JIROU???? Well, DON'T DO IT!!!!
He is running a scam operation using our company details WITHOUT OUR CONSENT. He will issue you with a 'Certificate of Authentication' along with a proforma invoice with our company details all over it.... THEY ARE ALL FAKE DOCUMENTS and this person is NOTHING TO DO WITH US.
If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is, so don't be tempted. You have been warned!!!

Suzuki Outboard Price Increase - Due on 1st May 2014

It is that time of year again where the outboard manufacturer's go to increase their prices. It is the turn of Suzuki, and their price increase will happen on the 1st May 2014, with the Suzuki DF6 short shaft going from a RRP of £1075 to £1170, and the DF8hp short shaft going from £2000 to £2080.

Suzuki Engine Stock Sale - Up to 20% Off!!!

Here we go again, a fantastic opportunity to grab a bargain in our annual clear out of our small outboard engine stock! We have a small selection of Suzuki outboards, ranging from the Suzuki DF4 to the Suzuki DF9.9hp at rock bottom prices of up to 20% off the RRP.
Fancy a DF4 for just £775? A DF9.9ho for only £1900? Then check out our Ebay store, at the links found at the bottom of each of our website pages, and snap them up quick!
Offer applies to existing stock only and once sold, THAT IS IT - back to the boring old list prices I'm afraid.

Back at it again and SO ARE THE SCAMMERS!!

Well, we are back at it again - workshop is open again after the Christmas and New Year break, and the boys are busy back on the boats. Fit out has started on a brand new Stingher 800GT, and the boys are getting the electrics fitted out as I type.

Have a Blast!!

The end of season has been an unusually busy one - the boys have been busy getting some refit works, getting off a Mariner 75 and replacing it with a Mercury Optimax 90hp. It was a good little job to have in during the quieter times, so good to see the customer leave happy and with a new toy to play with. Servicing is still ongoing, Suzuki 50hp, Yamaha F115hp, Suzuki DF90hp to name just a few. Our old faithful Relentless, with the twin Mercury 300XS engines came in for a check over and fettle up, which is always good as the boys get to sea-trial it afterwards...

Patchy the Foreman!!!

Well the cold and winter has hit...... And the workshop is full again. We have had our hands full with a Yamaha F225 with a power-down issue, finally tracked to a re-occuring fuel starvation problem and poorly running fuel injectors. There was quite a few nights of Mark coming home with a wonderful Eau de Fuel about him!!! Now we are onto a poorly Mercury Verado 200hp who is a much needed commercial boat, we are on the countdown to get that sorted and back on the water.

Good For Trade-In's Too!!!

Not just a one trick pony - a customer of ours returned to us today to buy a bigger outboard for his little fishing trips, and gave us his little Honda BF5hp short shaft outbaord engine in part exchange..... That he only bought 6 months ago!!! It is in excellent nick, with only 6 hours, and available at a really smart cut down price. Interested? Take a look at our Ebay store for more information..... And if that doesn't interest you, we also have a good load of Suzuki outboard engines for sale, and can get whatever you need for your own little fishing trips!

'ATTACH YOUR KILL CORD' Stickers Now Available

We are delighted to announce that we are supporting the Powerboat and RIB Magazine's 'Attach Your Kill Cord campaign, which is all about enouraging ALL boat users to USE THEIR KILL CORD ALL OF THE TIME. This campaign is supported by FREE waterproof stickers, for use on the console of your boat, reminding you to 'Test Kill Cord / Attach Around Leg' whenever you are in the boat.

Come and Say Hello at this years RYA 'Push the Boat Out' Open Day at Ocean Village Marina

Come and say hello at Ocean Village Marina's open day tomorrow, Saturday 18th May, as part of this year's RYA 'Push the Boat Out' event.

We will be there all day to offer any advice you may need for your outboard. Technical advice, performance issues, new engine enquiries and any advice on safety and your engine's kill cord. This event will be on all day from 10am, and there is lots of free stuff to take advantage of - free boat rides, jet ski riders, charter boat tours and RYA training sessions. Why not come along and make a day of it, it would be good to see you.

The Great British Weather - Come On, Give Us A Break!

This weather is not helping us with our busy servicing schedule - trying to dodge raindrops and freezing temperatures would be top on Mark and Craig's job description at the moment. Despite this, the boys have been out and about getting customer's outboards de-winterized and serviced ready for the coming summer season. The workshop diary is busy this week with the full range of outboards including a Yamaha F100hp, Suzuki DF115hp, Mercury Optimax 150hp and a Mercury Verado 300hp, to name but a few.


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